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S.H.C. About Us U Tube channel Missions Children's Ministry Contact
A non-denominational Christian church Donate S.H.C.

Our purpose is compelling people of all races, culture and ages to know Christ Jesus intimately for themselves and to experience His redeeming and restoring love.

We believe that the atoning sacrifice of Jesus is the bedrock of life now and eternally.

We believe that genuine fulfillment in life is in Christ alone.

Our Purpose Counseling Solution House offers Christian counseling based on the word of God

We also believe in effectual intercessory prayers with absolute trust in God. We know that the promises of God can be realized as one yields to the Holy Spirit.

We offer general, family, premarital and marital counseling.We offer counseling from a christian perspective, relying on God's wisdom, intercessory prayer and the Word of God.

General counseling:  Examples of areas covered are drug/substance addiction, depression, phobias and lack-of direction.Family counseling:   We offer personalized one-on-one counseling to families and couples in crisis and on the brink of divorce.


Through Solution House premarital counseling program, my finance and I have spent time working with Pastor Ignatius and his wife Simbo Chiadika to prepare us for marriage.  We cannot stress enough how much this has helped us!

Pastor Ignatius and his wife have given us such great Godly guidance. I truly thank Jesus for them!! My finance doesn't attend Solution House Church but I do and each time he comes he gets more and more comfortable there. Rather it be service on Sunday or bible study on Wednesday night, he's always enthused about what he has learned!

Pastor Ignatius and his wife are so open, honest & realistic people. They believe in praying through situations and trusting Jesus every step of the way!

We are blessed to have them not only counseling us but in our lives and truly thankful for their genuine help and support! We love Solution House & thank them so much!

Jawanda & Xavier

Life was a daily routine, work, house duties, and kids after school activities, and church service on Sundays. To my understanding, I was saved. I had accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior followed by a water baptism. However, there was a void, I was not growing spiritually. Until I made Solution House Church, my church.

Pastor Ignatius is convicted in full by the love of Jesus. Therefore, every sermon was powerful enough to give me a confirmation of GOD’S revelations.

I was taught how to pray in the spirit, this brought forth miracles to my life and to many Solution House Church members. But, most importantly spiritual growth.

Solution House Church is truly the body of Christ, where Jesus is at the center and Salvation is the message.

Diana Alisha Momin.